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Hiya guys, how are you? On this ultra-modern I gonna write about HSC effect 2016. In these article I’ll quilt the summery of HSC examination and It’s end result 2016, when the HSC have an influence on 2016 BD can also be launched, study the first-rate technique to get your estimated have an have an have an impact on on on. Very almost one and all be conscious of that HSC (Secondary university certificates) examination is viewed as most mainly nearly in most cases the main public examination launched and maintained by way of the ministry of education, Bangladesh. An same examinations are furthermore taken besides for natural boards. The identical examinations are Dakhil examinational and vocational examination of HSC stage. The scholars to be all set to move in HSC result2016, will also be viewed to be admitted in faculties/equal associations inside the 300 and sixty 5 days of 2017-2019.

HSC result 2016 published

The beginning date of the HSC examination 2016 is 1st February, 2016. The whole examination process will take roughly two months. Aside from theoretical examinations, there are priceless examinations which may also be in addition going to take field on the examination, however the disorders of priceless examinations can type ordinary with the fields of accumulate advantage of. Afterwards, 2 months later the HSC outcome 2016 would even be launched throughout the nation all together. The announcement approach of the have an impact on will take quandary in a couple of sorts and mediums. That you just comfortably would entry the whole approaches to get to seize the results of the examination. All you ought to admire is the roll, board establish and examination year for receiving the end result.

HSC result 2016

prior than speakme about hsc have an have an impact on on hsc influence 2016 BD let me preserve in touch about about this one year examination. HSC examination of 2016 will take subject at 1st February of the 365 days and there is more often than not roughly 15, forty three, 838 pupils collaborating inside the examination. A balanced numbered of each females and boys will take part inside the examination. The number of male members is eight. Forty three, 129 and the relaxation of the members can also be feminine scholars. Eight schooling boards will put collectively the examination at the aspect of Madrashah board and vocational schooling board. The huge sort of examination services is healthier than 3000 within the direction of the entire nation. The whole examination method is normally maintained and monitored by way of the federal executive of Bangladesh.

Write short notes on humanwere and firmware.

A person who use computer is called Humanwere. Humanwere refers to the person who design, program and operate a computer there are numerous categories of jobs but the three principal positions fear large computer installation are system analyst, programmer and

What are the common component of a computer system?

They are three components of a computer system :-

1. Hardware
2. Software
3. Human ware/ User

Define Band and Bandwidth.

            Band is the difference between the upper cut off frequency and lower cut off frequency.

What is difference between data and information?

The difference between data and information:

  1. Small portion of information is called data.
  2. It is the raw fact of information.
  3. Data shows small information.

How a CRT monitor creats an image?

A CRT monitor creates an image by the following ways:-

  1. Electron guns shoot streams of electrons toward the screen.
  2. Magnetic yoke guides the streams of electrons across and down the screen.

What is computer network? Discuss about LAN, WAN and MAN.

Computer network:-
              A computer network is a number of computers linked together to share resources.
There are three types of computer network.
They are:
  1. LAN (local area network)
  2. WAN (wide area network)
  3. MAN (metropolitan area network)