What is computer network? Discuss about LAN, WAN and MAN.

Computer network:-
              A computer network is a number of computers linked together to share resources.
There are three types of computer network.
They are:
  1. LAN (local area network)
  2. WAN (wide area network)
  3. MAN (metropolitan area network)

LAN  (Local Area Network):-
                  The smallest and simplest networks are local area networks (lan) which extend over only a small area typically with in a building or small area like a college/university compus lans are usually owned and managed by a single organization.

WAN (Wide Area Network):-
                   A wan spreads over a large geographical area and may connect computers with in a country or cover many countries .wan may be provided by telephone and telegraph organization’s,they may be private to a single organization or they may be private to a single organization or they may be operated by a group of organizations. A wan can connect a number of lans.the internet is a popular example of a wan.

Man (Metropolitan Area Network):-
                   Man’s cover an area of a typical city. they offer a simple and fast way to link different sides of an organization. Man’s  use technologies  similar to lan tectnologies.

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