Write down the characteristics of computer?

: The characteristics of computer is given bolow:-
1. Automatic: computers are automatic machines because once started on a job, they carry on until the job is finished, normally without any human assistance. Some of other characteristics of computers such as speed and accuracy, are due to the fact they are automatic and wark on a problem without any human intervention.

2. Speed: A computer is a very fast device. It can perform in a few seconds, the amount of work that a human being can do in an entire year. If the worked day and night and did nothing else.
3. Accuracy: The accuracy of a computer is consistently high and the degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends upon its design. However, for a particular computer every calculation.
4. Diligence: A computer is free from monotony, tiredness and lack of concentration. It can continuously work for hours, without creating any error and without grumbling.
5. Versatility: versatility is one of the most wonderful things about the computer. One moment, it is preparing the results of an examination, the next moment, it is busy preparing electricity bills and in between,it may be helping an office secretary to trace an important letter in seconds.
6. Power of remembering: As a human being acquires new knowledge. He select the important things and forgets the unimportant details. A computer can store and recall any amount of information because of its secondary storage capability.
7. No IQ : A  computers not a magical device. It possesses no intelligence of its own. Its IQ is jero. It has to be told what to do and in what sequence. A computer can not take its own decision in this regard.
8. No feeling: Computers are devoid of emotions. They have no feelings and no instincts because they are machines

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